Read | 14. Dec 2021

How Real Is Real Cashmere?

When I was a girl cashmere was something I only knew from some precious sweaters my father used to wear on Sundays. They were labeled within the family as the "Italian Sweaters" like his watch was "Swiss" and my mother´s favorite leather coat came with the branding "Spanish".

Nowadays cashmere has become something very ubiquitous - as we all know, every wool garment that comes with a percentage of up to ten percent goat´s cashmere can put on the label "Real Cashmere".

A very detailed article in "New York Times " allows us to follow the way of a Mongolian cashmere sweater - by Loro Piana - to explain the serious pricing and to get our expectacions back into perspective.

I recommend reading it - and then decide about your next purchase.

You might find that the price is justified and nevertheless decide to not buy a sweater that costs as much your monthly rent.

Having in mind that my father wore his sweater for decades before letting me take it for another twenty years of living happily ever after.

All Pictures taken from "The New York Times".