Read | 24. Nov 2020

How The World Found Out About A Disturbing Royal Incident

Maybe this is what her advisors tell her, maybe it is what her heart tells her: Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex, uses the New York Times to talk about her miscarriage last summer.

We might assume, even the Royal family found out that way.

And as much as I admire the former actress for being open about this experience (like so many American actesses and entrepreneurs are right now) to support other women with this disturbing incident - and Meghan Markle claims to feel for everyone else with bad experiences over the last year, by the way - I cannot help but wonder:

Why did she use the American media - to show the British press her disgust?

Why did she bring up her unfortunate interview last year about not having been asked "Are you ok?" - to tell her husband´s family again, why she made him leave his country and his life?

And why is she stepping into her late mother in law´s shoes - using the media as a weapon of revenge. Does she really believe she might overrule Kate to become the "princess of hearts"?

All pictures courtesy of "Suits" (Netflix)