Read | 02. May 2021

If You Loved The Movie - Learn More About The Actor

We talked about "The Father" only recently - so you might not be surprised that I am so happy for my personal favorite Anthony Hopkins to have gotten the Oscar for his performance. Even though the whole world including the Welsh actor was expecting Chadwick Boseman to win, out of respect or his sudden death at the peak of his career.

And even though Anthony Hopkins is as white and as old as a man can probably get in this business, the whole community seems to be fine with the decision. Because: ultimately, the Oscar´s should deal with doing a certain job better than others that very year. And that is what Sir Anthony Hopkins did.

I actually watched "Silence of The Lambs" again last weekend, after more than 31 years. A movie that has a vey special place in my heart - NOT for Jodie Foster´s or Anthony Hopkin´s brilliant performances - but because that very night, at the German premiere at Berlin´s Berlinale in 1991, I fell in love with my husband.

We may be the only people on the planet who made out while Hannibal Lector ripped a piece of a police man´s face of with his teeth (beating Jerry Seinfeld´s famous episode, when Jerry made out with his girlfriend at the movies, watching "Schindler´s List").

As I cannot get enough of Hopkins right now I just read his brilliant interview in "The New Yorker" and also started to follow him on Instagram and I have to say: I can recommend both.

The rare version of a question and anser profile is very intimate and shows the smart and humble side of this great actor. His videosand photos on instagram, playing Chopin, dancing a very intersting version of samba, getting his jab - and most of all speaking in his wonderful mothertongue Welsh are quite entertaining because they are NOT AT ALL remarkable performances.

Something only a great actor is capable of.