Checkout | 09. Jun 2021

How To Conquer The World

Sometimes to slip into one´s shoes just feels perfect. I am talking spiritually, of course. But then again: I also talk literally.

Because the designs of über-talented Nina Christen first hit me at a Céline fashion show - back when Phoebe Philo was still head of creative and the brand´s name was spelled right. Those shoes expressed some kind of nerd quality. Interesting, funny, smart would seem what you might become just by wearing them.

Swiss born Nina Christen has worked for different brands in Paris having earned a brilliant design degree after only two years of studying at Institut Français de la Mode. Fun fact: She always depended on a strong connection with the head designer - otherwise she would leave the brand as soon as possible. Ask Hedi Slimane.

Daniel Lee on the other hand is somebody she deeply respects and strongly connects with. They met at Céline and he made her follow him to Bottega Veneta when he started as the new Creative Director to re-invent the classic Italian brand.

Now his tongue-in-cheek-designs for a new audience of fashion people and her imaginative shoe designs blend into one highly acclaimed collection after the other - like any song, written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, you would not find out whose idea came first: Had she been designing shoes adjusted to his fashion or would he rather design fashion that goes with her shoes?

I met Nina Christen for an interview in Neue Zürcher Zeitung ("NZZ am Sonntag"), coming out this Sunday - I met someone who takes what she is doing quite seriously without ever bragging about any success at any point of her career.

We had coffees at Tyler Brulées "Monocle" branch, then wandered along lake Zurich in early Summer sun and later fixed a date for me to have a closer look at her archive of shoe designs.

Go check what Nina Christen has to say about her work and her vision.

One of Marylin Monroe´s famous quotes says "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world."

Imagine what happens when she herself designs them!