Watch | 09. Sep 2021

Maybe Too Perfect Is Not So Perfect?

Even though I was never a big fan of Nicole Kidman´s performing skills I loved her acting in "Big Little Lies".

And was therefore looking forward to "Nine Perfect Stragners" - a mini series told again by Mike Kelley, played and produced by a highly reputated cast and located within a world of unaffordable wellness and glamour. What else would you want?

Well, first of all: S story worth telling.

Second of all: Not dealing with absolutely EVERY cliché you might expect.

And last but not least: Some acting that seduces you.

Not one bit of those qualities here. But instead:

An uninteresting plot with unconvincing tension.

A group of people so poorly chosen from society you have started to hate everyone before you even finished your first epiosode. And Kidman at her worst looks and play. As most of the rest of the cast of normally fine actresses and actors.

So just do not watch. Should the book this show is based on is worth reading - that eludes my knowledge.

And I am afraid I will never find out.