Read | 26. Oct 2021

In Her Own Words

Good for us to be reminded of the brilliant writer Nora Ephron every now and then. Like, when a new compilation or another translation comes out or a new publisher takes over. Like these days, when the updated version of "I Feel Bad About My Neck" by a German publisher catapults the anthology back into the cultural pages of all kinds of magazines and newspapers.

Because even though Nora Ephron has lived in different times and had died much too early in 2012, to read her journalistic stories or watch movies written, directed and/or produced by her still feels not at all dated. Like Dorothy Parker she knows more about eternal female topics than any other writer I know and so she will never get out of fashion.

Maybe that is a sad thing as we long for changes in our relationships AND at our working places.

I found my copy of the "Crazy Salad" anthology at "The Strand Bookstore" at the corner of 12th street and Broadway in New York City almost twenty years ago, the book being already twentyfive years old by then. Ephron had been writing a column for "Esquire" magazine back in the Seventies and most of those pieces were taken from there.

I got "The Most Of Nora Ephron" just when it came out 2013 - and I think about that book as my personal bible. Because almost everything in there is still true. Every word is well chosen and no opportunity is missed to watch the world with a twinkle in her eye.

Would she have loved to be part of the #meetoo movement!!!

If you are a woman get one of Nora Ephron´s books! Whatever works for you. I would still recommend to bring one of them back from your next trip to New York. There is now a "Strand Bookstore" at the Upper Westside as well.

And to get in touch, watch that fine documentary about her.