Checkout | 07. Oct 2020

French Connection

There was a period of time, back in the late Nineties, when all things interesting seem to happen in Paris.

Paris felt brandnew and surprised not only editors every season with crazy locations, new designer names and the fresh air of creativity. There were years when I went to see women´s fashion shows as well as and men´s shows, because there was Hedi Slimane, who designed clothes that defined the way we all wanted to look. First for YSL, later on for Dior.

And there was still Helmut Lang, who showed in a tiny space in the Marais - and in 1998 also his first collection online - a completely new exprerience that now seems the way to do it anyway.

Those were also the days when we started to shop our beauty products in French pharmacies. Because there was a certain exclusivity about a face mask you would only find here. And the fact that the French industry was kind of an early adapter of the whole Bio-trend helped to get us all addicted, because, who would have a more sensitve skin than a fashion editor?

Also: The price was always right, you got a lot of value for your money.

This is how I learnt about Nuxe.

That French-produced beauty brand, founded by Aliza Jabès some thirty years ago, offered a combination of natural ingredients focused on the quality standards of pharmaceutical science. I fell in love with their oiles, then started to use their Men´s (!) deodorant and finally brought back face creams as well as masks.

My new favorite is their so called "Bio" collection, since I got a friend to send me two samples.

And I could not help but wonder: How about Nuxe follows revolutionary Helmut Lang and moves online. Because, even though you can buy Nuxe now in many countries around the world, and I learnt that there are some pharmacies that would send it to my house, I would love to order on a site that resembles those memories of shopping at my favorite pharmacy in Saint Germain.

As we will definitely not travel that much to Paris anymore in the near future ...