Watch | 29. Jun 2021

When On Ischia...

I did not even know there is an Ischia Film Festival.

But after leaving our very laid back situation in a rented house in the middle of nowhere to catch some buzz downtown Ischia Ponte, those posters instantly caught our eyes as well as the red carpet rolled out at a landing stage at the foot of the hill of Castello Aragonese.

So we had drinks and checked the program.

And found out Oliver Stone would arrive that very evening to recieve a lifetime achievement award.

Just when we started to really get excited I realized: I am not really a fan. I actually missed a lot of his movies because I would not care enough about them.

Very American, very Testosteron-driven, not a lot of strong women characters in his movies.

The film they showed Wednesday night open air was no exception: "Any Given Sunday" plays behind the scenes of American Football.

I mean, really....?