Watch | 14. Sep 2020

A Movie To Watch Again ANYTIME

You might have heard about the wonderful movie "Oma und Bella" (Oma and Bella), and if not, you HAVE heard about its writer, director and producer Alexa Karolinski, who is also the producer of "Unorthodox", the highly appreciated mini series on Netflix, that was honored by eight Emmy nominations lately and will definitely get some next Sunday!

This intimate but never intimidating portrait about a nearly life long friendship of two Holocaust survivors in Berlin is as authentic as it is heart breaking. And never senitmental.

The way Karolinksi shows those two ladies´empathy for cooking aka preparing meals for their families and friends tells you a lot about traditional food - so much, actually, those receipes even became a book!

But that is not my angle.

Watching the movie again last night with my stricty vegetarian husband (who can not even stand his son having chicken at the same restaurant table with him) we both felt in sync with those traditions and the unbeaten strong will to live and to give of Karolinski´s grandmother and her best friend.

What a brilliant start of a career that will probably not end with "Unorthodox".

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