Checkout | 08. Sep 2020

One Dress A Day - A Very Special Way Of Designing Very Special Clothes

I got a friendly mail today from designer Elizaveta Fateeva, based in Vienna. She wanted to inform me about her on going project "One Dress A Day" that she started during Lockdown; unable to just do nothing, she started to produce dresses with her small team and sell them online, loading up one new piece every day.

FATEEVA was founded in 2017 by the renowned shoe designer Elizaveta Fateeva after 10 years of successful work as a shoe and accessories designer for conceptual labels such as Raf Simons and Jil Sander as well as the luxury fashion houses Lanvin and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Sticking to her credo "Making luxury accessible, reducing waste of resources and embracing exquisite design" she found vintage fabrics over the summer for her new collection called "Session 2" on Ischia´s fleamarkets and combined them with silks from Italian producers she found in stock of their warehouses, not meant to be sold anymore.

Go and checkout her website to find your unique dress from tomorrow on - I am still very happy with my blue and white classic.