Watch | 03. Feb 2022

The Whole World Is Watching - Again

How come that a show about a leaked sex video became the talk of the town this week all over the world?

Exactly: The question is also the answer. When the mini series "Pam & Tommy" about that (in)famous couple Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee started this week, there was no male critic anywhere who did not watch the first episodes. The "Pamela-Reflex" is still working. Like, when she was the sexiest woman alive during the Nineties as the star of a show called "Baywatch" where you would watch her running down the beach in a red bathing suit in slow motion. We she was on the cover of "Playboy" fourteen times. When she seems to be every man´s fantasy.

There is one scene in one of the early episodes when Lily James (as Pam) has to join a meet and greet of TV producers, she is kind of the cherry on the cake of new negotiations. The Thank-You-Note as well as the teaser for a new season. The faces of those men say it all.

The show is a crude mix of soft porn scenes, satire and rom com, and kind of a "Boogie Nights" sequel. Not only the sex life of the Anderson-Lees is on the menu but also the whole porn business in Los Angeles and also that new thing "World Wide Web" as a media and a distributor.

Back then I liked the couple for their "otherness". When they popped up in the century of cool clean fashion by Helmut Lang or Calvin Klein and music of bands like "Nirvana" or "Oasis": Pamela in her mini short dresses and black bustiers, her messy bed-hair died super blond and her brows clipped, and the heavy-metal-band drummer Tommy with his old fashioned tattoos and piercings.

The show does not do justice to that quality, it deals with them as simple minded and childish people who kind of deserve what happened to them with that video (until today the most sold sex tape in the world, those numbers probably rising again now).

I feel sorry for Pamela Anderson who will problably have a kind of a "Déja-Vu" moment - again the whole world will watch her misery.