Read | 04. Sep 2022

A Family That Summers Together...

...stays together. That is true, especially in this book´s narrative. But reading the "The Paper Palace" you might ask yourself if that is really something you should wish for.

Funny enough, more or less at the same time "The Palace Papers" came out - a highly recommended book about the disfuntional clan that is the British Royal Family - a novel called "The Paper Palace" appeared on the New York Time´s bestseller list: dealing with a fictional family also deeply disturbingly.

While the central thread woven throughout is about a fifitiesh woman whose life between two men starts to explode during one hot summer night (and day) we learn about the family history of abuse and abandonment. Two generations in a row, through the eyes of the story teller Elle; in a way her fate and the way she deals with it reminded me of "A Little Life"´s Jude St.Francis.

What also reminded me of Hanya Yanagihara´s novel: the page-turner/book-club-darling quality of the book.

One should definitely mention that its author, Miranda Cowley Heller, had an upbringing quite like her main character, spending her youth at exactly the same Cape Cod beaches within a boheminan/artist bubble; try to figure out how much of this novel is memoir driven.

And even more relevant: Heller has been part of TV history by working on HBO´s most prestigious projects ("The Sopranos", "Five Feet Under", "The Wire").

Now her book will become a show as well. I guess following the winning formula of "Big Little Lies" or "Little Fires Everywhere" would make sense - and a producer called Reese Witherspoon.