Watch | 09. Feb 2020

Parasite - Teaching Hollywood A Lesson. And Last Night`s Academy Awards Proved:They Got It

Originally I wrote the words below last October - with the wrong feeling for the dawning of a new era.

And when you heard the Hollywood community cheer last night, whenever Parasite was mentioned, let alone, won one trophy after the other, you realized: The movie establishment obviously got the message, too.

I have to say: I am happy for Brad Pitt and Laura Dern, too. I understand the costume Oscar for "Little Women" and the Camera Oscar for "1917" and feel relieved that both movies - as overrated, boring, old-white-men-style as they are - got snubbed by the academy.

As "The Irishmen". Even though the luckiest star of last night, "Parasite"´s director Bong Joon-Ho bowed deeply before Martin Scorcese, from student to old master, and initiated a small standing ovation movement.

I also appreciated Jane Fonda´s new hair cut and Billie Eilish´s sentimental version of Paul McCartney`s "Yesterday".

I missed "Uncut Gems" , again. Like at every other important award ceremony this interesting movie and its leading actor Adam Sandler was dismissed - a performance that Brad Pitt praised as "overwhelmingly convincing" in Variety earlier this year.

And I felt deeply annoyed about all those lip confessions regarding the treatment of women in the movie business., mostly by women who have earned a fortune and are highly popular at award ceremonies.

Do not make women smaller than they really are.

Like, I don´t think, that any female director needs to be embroidered into Natalie Portman´s Dior-couture-coat for support; I am pretty sure those women would prefer the actress to invest some of her Millions into one of their movie projects.

And if you are the very last person on the planet to hear about "Parasite", read my text below.

This year´s "Palme d´Or" winner "Parasite" is one of these movies you are better of not knowing too much about before you watch it.

Read no storyline, no critiques.

Just expect a bunch of the most talented actors you have ever seen, put into a Nouvelle Vague´s "The-Discrete-Charme-of-the Bourgeoisie" kind of environment, set into today´s Seoul, directed by Bong Joon-Ho, who has Cannes competitor Quentin Tarantino, among his biggest fans - he calls him "the South Korean Steven Spielberg".

Just Go!

Watch it!

No excuses!!!!

(Pictures and trailer courtesy of Barunson E&A)