Watch | 23. Aug 2021

Paul, Is It?

Even I am too young for "The Beatles" - when I grew up, the band was already history and the first songs I listened to, written by Paul McCartney, were written for a band called "Wings", where his wife, American photographer Linda sang and banged a tambourine.

To me they looked like hippies, all shaggy hair and living in the country side with a private zoo of animals, Linda being a strict vegetarian, and a growing number of shaggy haired children. When they went on tour they made their private planes look like famliy vans, no sex and drugs and rock´n roll there at all. Only Paul making clown faces and Linda dressing down to an extent that I found hard to understand.

Growing older I started to understand more about those classic pop songs John Lennon and Paul Mcartney wrote together, like their counterpart, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards from "The Rolling Stones", also a band I happened to get to know only very much later.

But starting to watch Hulu´s "McCartney 3, 2, 1" last night, a documentary miniseries starring the British musician and producer icon Rick Rubin discussing McCartney's career until today (McCartney is 79, don´t forget!) was so much fun!

There was also a discussion about his skills compared to John Lennon´s in today´s "Telegraph".

But who am I to judge.

Pictures taken from "LInda Mccarntey. The Poraoid Diaries", Taschen Verlag

and "The Beatles - Six Days That Changed The World", Rizzoli