Checkout | 12. Oct 2022

Some China Born In China

It all started in the Chinese pottery capitol of Jingdezhen with a workshop given as birthday present. Swiss born Simone Fennel was hooked from the very beginning. She soon started to learn about pottery seriously - and decided to do just that for a living in the future.

The former art director had lived with her family in Shanghai for eight years and founded her little brand "Fennel Pottery" just there.

After two more years of intensive working in Chinese and Japanese manufactures she managed to sell her favorite pieces in one of her favorite stores in Shanghai. From then on she opened pop-up stores together with a friend and almost always sold out within hours.

Fennel then realized that she was on her way.

All her pieces are handmade, Fennel loves to scratch and to paint every single dish, she creates her patterns and her colours, often inspired by fabrics. Her tableware looks like a collection as plates, bowls or tablets all fit together, meant to be used on a daily basis.

Check it out in Zurich at einzigart, Josefstrasse 36 or Seefeldstrasse 96
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