Watch | 07. Feb 2021

Birth Day From Hell

Remember when there were special date night movies, films you would wanna watch with your new crush or your husband or your wife? Maybe having dinner before or a drink after the show or killing a boring rainy afternoon together at a never ending weekend.

Since almost one year the pandemic bans us from movie theatres - so those movies have a hard time being successful at all.

Well, that is definitely no problem for "Pieces Of A Woman", this higly acclaimed Netflix movie, written by Kata Weber and directed by Hungaryan arthouse-director Kornél Mundruzcóoes, does not qualify at all as a movie you would choose while being in a romantic mood.

Also: You might not want to watch it while pregnant with your first child.

Though brilliantly performed by Vanessa Kriby, the 23-minute birth scene that ends in tragedy is not easy to watch - and the story that follows about the pain-filled emotional response and legal fallout deals with all those emotions you might expect and does not really dig much deeper.

The situation at Martha´s office is emabarassing (her colleagues threw her a baby shower and now feel sorry for her), within her family she feels misunderstood (mother and sister want her to accuse the midwife who might be responsible), her marriage goes down the drain, and all that turns for the better only when she decides to make peace with her fate.

My personal opinion about the film aside - Vanessa Kriby was awarded at Venice Film Festival last year and is nominated for the Golden Globes - and that is well deserved.

Listen to her and her colleagues at the Variety podcast.

Yes, you can watch that with a male person at your side and even when you are due sometime soon.

All pictures courtesy of Netflix

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