Checkout | 31. Jan 2022

Snowy Society

There are tons of reasons to come to St Moritz. The spectalur valley in Switzerland´s Engadina invites you to ski or snowboard in winter and hike in summer and the train ride alone makes your trip their unforgettable.

Another reason - for many people - are the social events, to get together with your peers for different occasions from sports to art to music or talks. For me the St Moritz Snow Polo World cup has been something special since forever. Even though I am not at all a member of any high society I love to watch the games - the beautiful ponies and the world class competitors.

This year I could only make it for one day, the last one, but what a day that was: sunny and warm enough to hang out at the sunchairs to watch ice skating children during breaks, sipping drinks and tasting finger food, cheeing those brave horses and their riders.

I stayed at sleepy romantic "Reine Victoria", a Four-Star-Hotel, carefully renovated and only a ten minute walk away from the frozen lake. I will come back here in March to finally start cross country skiing after a lifetime of downhill running. The weather is normally even more beautiful then while there is still enough snow at this heights.

And I will probably corss that very lake the on my own.