Checkout | 20. May 2021

Protect Me From What I Want

There are people who love cars. There are other people who collect clothes or handbags. And then there are people who love and collect art. I understand them all, well, would maybe even join them if I had more money to spend.

In the meantime: Do I am addicted to pottery. What used to be the main reason to enter any fleamarket around the globe became a time consumig hobby online: Whenever I find new items or brands on the internet - and, you might assume now they find me as well - I have to check them out, considering to buy them.

Most of the time I can resist.

Not this time - @q.diff as in "quite different" is a lovely little instagram shop run by three creatures named Lou, Bella &Grania. I ordered the one vase on the right side of that post above for a very reasonable price.

So far: No answer to my direct mail.

Maybe there are higher powers to protects us from what we want now. As great artist Jenny Holzer hoped for a long time ago.

In my mind it always sounded like the answer to her great colleague Barbara Kruger.

ps.: Got an answer from the q.diff - they will ship my favorite vase soon. They`ve also sent a new picture - now I can´t wait!

Because: "Confusing Yourself Is A Way To Stay Honest", another Truism by Jenny Holzer that sticks with me forever.