Checkout | 02. Jun 2021

Rent Controlled

We all know the saying of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, as those so called wedding rules that moved over from the US some twenty years ago now, having been celebrated in sitcoms and romcoms; these days brides all over the world just do not dare to enter church or even city hall without that very special group of tokens to garantee lifelong love and happiness for their marriages.

While the borrowed piece normally comes from a family member (pearls, tiaras), and the blue from one of the bridesmaids (garter, slip, handkerchief) the old item should be the shoes - as we all know how hard it may be to walk, jump, dance, get kidnapped, brought back, in a new pair of shoes within probably the next ten to fourteen hours.

The wedding dress will be new in most cases, made to measure to your beaming body - also at the average costs of 2000 Euros you will wear it one time only; there are mothers who pass their dresses to their daughters - in that case the bride would probably wear new shoes.

But until last week, I guess, nobody ever heard about a rented wedding dress - the most memorable dress of your life as your something borrowed??

It took an unconventional bride and a wedding location like no other - not to talk about the groom - to rent a dress and also talk about it without any hesitation.

Carrie Symonds wore the Christos Costarellos hippie gown for her secret wedding ceremony and the following party in the gardens of 10 Downing Street, her groom´s Boris Johnson´s home and offices as the British prime minister; she did not wear any shoes but a wreath of flowers in her hair - and looked beautifully relaxed and very happy.

What an ambassador for a concept of not owning but borrowing things you only need temporarly!!!

The idea came up some years ago and almost died soon after. But has a comeback now. Because sharing things has become a state of mind. Like your house. Or your car. You want something, you maybe even need it, but you cannot or you would rather not buy it.

Like a ball gown. A business outfit to get you a job or an appartment. A selection of clothes for a spontanous trip to a destination you might never have planned to go to. And since men rent tuxedos since forever, now obviously the last frontier of distinction surrendered.

Why we already thought so?

Because the always instinctively trend setting Gwyneth Paltrow became partner in the "Rent The Runway" company, underlining the meaning of sharing instead of owning, ecolocial-wise.

We are already fantasizing about pieces to rent on her crazy successful website "GOOP".