Watch | 21. Jun 2020

Don't Look Back

You might be too young to love the Rolling Stones. Most of you are, probably.

You might've been a fan some decades ago but stopped going to their concerts, like, thirty years ago. That is who I am.

I still like their music from that era, long long time ago, I still like those four guys, everyone of them, each one for a different reason. I love what I see about their lifestyle on instagram, their kind of families, and even that they cannot stop what they love to do - but I wouldn't want to be at a concert surrounded by granddads and elderly ladies with funny red glasses in crazy shapes and asymmetrical haircuts.

I was still waiting for that one special occasion to see the band live one last time - a tempting location, a perfect timing around one of our anniversaries - after all, my husband fell in love with me at a Rolling Stones concert in Munic one million years ago.

Then I watched the documentary "Olé Olé Olé " on Netflix and realised - that very concert had happened already.

And there was actually more than one concert among those on tour in Latin America, I deeply regret to have missed.

The vibrant crowd of Stones fans, so called "Rollingas" in Argentina. The crowd in Ecuador or Brasil, in Mexico or Uruguay, all of them specifically connected to four guys who meant rebellion through sound and attitude, back then when their countries where suppressed by dictators or military regimes.

And the climax, the band´s attempt to go to Havanna as well, just two days after an American president (Barack Obama) went there for the first time in eighty years, becomes the special project the whole tour family is working on throughout the movie.

Watching that documentary, I realised another thing: the youngish appeal of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones as a band does not depend on healthy lifestyles or medical support or fitness regimes.

It is that certain way of moving, laughing, jamming together that aged so gracefully.

Compare those guys to who they were fifty years ago, covered then by another famous movie called "Gimme Shelter":

Mick Jagger is still Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones are still The Rolling Stones.

The thing is: You will get the brand experience with both movies, only NOW is actually better.