Checkout | 16. Feb 2022

The Real Thing

Sometimes you find out about a great artist only by irritation about another.

When actress and lifestyle entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow opened her new home in Montecito for Architectural Digest´s March issue the internet was bursting: A lot of admiration - but also a lot of discussion. Because: Not all is what it seems to be in Gwyneth’s new home.

The envious oohing and aahing over the Ruth Asawa sulpture hanging prominently next to Gwyneth Paltrow’s couch subsided somewhat after the sculpture was revealed not to be a Ruth Asawa after all. “Instead, the piece is by D’Lisa Creager, who learned Asawa’s signature wire looping technique at a workshop taught by Aiko Cuneo, one of the artist’s daughters,” ARTnews reported. The photo, part of a spread on Paltrow’s new California home, was duly cropped and the caption corrected.

Asawa’s top auction price so far is $5.38 million, according to ARTnews, and while “how much Paltrow paid for her lookalike works remains unclear,” Creager’s “auction high tops out at a very respectable $35,000.”

Asawa coming from an immigrant backbround, being raised in a large family on the West Coast of America not able to finish college for money reasons, started her work in the early forties of the last century. She defined her special techinique while studying at Black Mountain College with great German artist and art teacher Josef Albers, a German Bauhaus member who had to flee Nazi Germany and started a new career in the US; he was the master of using everyday material and encouraged Asawa to try her wire works.

So get one of Ruth Asawa´s exciting biographies - or plan a trip to Venice this summer: Ruth Asawa´s work will be exhibited at the Biennale.

And if you want to experience an absurd Marie-Antoinette-moment go watch the Youtube video about GP´new home - there is nobody on this planet right now who seriously would not be ashamed of showing off this monument of living this over the top rich lifestyle without any heart nor soul but on a Russian oligarch´s budget - Gwyneth Paltrow´s "Let-Them-Eat-Cake"-attitude is hard to top.