Checkout | 05. Aug 2020

Sustainable Design You Might Actually Want To Trample On

There was a time before lockdowns and closed shops - even though I can hardly remember.

Obviously we bought too much then and from the wrong brands. We fuelled our empty souls with clothes and accessories having been produced under criminal circumstances and filled our closets with more and more stuff every season.

Seems pretty unbelievable right now. (I just saw a picture of American actress January Jones the other day, a selfie she did in front of her walk-in-closet, dozens of handbags, sorted by colours in the background. And I thought: How out of touch is she?)

To make a long story short - that is why I love Sophie Aschauer, who had to move from a small town in Austria to New York to get back in touch with her childhood-talent of using old sailing-boat-ropes to tie knots - and design something with it.

You will find her doormats and key chains on her website ( - together with simple bracelets and chokers, all hand made by her from used ropes.

Everything ready for you - if you really need one of those things.

Or just the perfect gift for a beloved person who really cares about that little bit of sea spirit in her or his life.

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