Checkout | 17. Mar 2021

Sunny Side Up!

After all these months I am slowly running out of TV shows to binge.

I´ve watched all the good ones, the not-so-good ones, too and I've even looked into one or two really bad ones. And it is still not foreseeable how long we will have to spend our evenings exclusively at our home theater.

This is how to explain how I came up with the idea of taking our DVD crate from resting at the basement together with a dusting laptop, the model that actually still has a drive to play these silvery discs. A selection of family and Christmas movies came to light, a few classics that have long been offered on our streaming services - and "Sex And The City, The Complete Box" ".

When winter luckily returned last weekend, I started on a Saturday afternoon to watch the fourth season (simply the best out of all six) and watched into the wee hours of Sunday morning. "And I Could Not Help But Wonder" - about how good it still is!!!I

Even though it is from a past as far away as a "Mad Men"-Episode. New York no longer exists as a place everyone longs to move to; and if so, you now want to go straight to Brooklyn, Manhattan is for old people now. And you´d rather move to Los Angeles, anyway. Relationships between people have diversified. And nobody gets rich enough to afford a walk-in closet full of Manolo Blahnik shoes just by writing a newspaer column. Okay, that has always been pure fiction.

But the friendships, the spirits and last but not least the storytelling and dialogues - all that still works, bravo!

Funny enough: What seemes completely relevant right now, however, was the casual way the girls wore all kinds of underwear around the clock. Almost always clearly visible, bras were often worn as a top and petticoats were rededicated to cocktail dresses.

The interesting thing about it:

Each of these carefully selected pieces of lingerie was tailor-made to go with the very diverse temperament of each of the girls - and every single piece was a feminist challenge.

And this is perhaps the real legacy of this show: Women attract, show off, or veil whatever they want.

No man has to decide about it, no religion and no social doctrine.

We are therefore pleased to agree with Chanel and Dior, Jacquemus or Sportmax, that underwear has the upper hand again this summer.

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