Watch | 07. Jun 2022

Is Moss Always A Must?

You have been probably reading about "Shining Girls" - that Apple TV show started in April and closed last Friday. How do I know that? Because Elisabeth Moss is in it, that´s why.

Ever since the last season of "Mad Men", that spectecular show that invented TV as we know it today, Elisabeth Moss is the leading lady of a new aera. Her character having been developed over six seasons from a simple secretary to one of the big players within a leading agency, her character Peggy Olsen symbolized the dawn of new faces, new acting skills and a new braveness regarding exposure.

Then "The Handmaid´s Tale" came along, the most devastating TV show ever ( I can still not imagine why any woman would love to watch that psycho massacre unsolicited) and Moss became definiety a star within a younger audience.

In the fantasy thriller "Shining Girls" Elisabeth Moss plays the victim of a brutal attack without any vanity - as frustrated and as aggressive as any victim would be, also allowing any variation of brutally close close-ups and clumsy costumes that let her look as common as possible.

So Moss will definitely be highly regarded by all kinds of award jurys - the show itself: Not so much.

No offense, Leonardo DiCaprio (who co-produced), but that story and especially its weird ending does not make any sense at all!

Speaking of real good acting: There is another guy in in the show you may have met before, Jamie Bell, he was that charming boy "Billy Elliot" once. A frightening character most of the time, running around killing girls, you might still find some of his cute charisma in his character - when he wants you to. Love that.

Oh, and he actually directed some of the episodes, too. So here we go, with maybe a new directing talent of this new generation!