Checkout | 28. Sep 2021

For Instants - Fine Food Delivered To Your Doorstep

After almost two years of living in the countryside - and also locked down for a long time - there is still some excitement about finding a parcel on your doorstep. Especially when it is a surprise sent by your daughter.

In my case: I got a gift package full of yummy products by Two-star-chef Tanja Grandits; her restaurant "Stucki" in Basel had become a top address not only among artists and gallerists during the world´s most famous art fair "Art Basel" since some years now.

My daughter, a native Baselian and also a big fan, had a feature produced about Tanja Grandits and the "Stucki" some time ago for a local television station - and remembered her very special food delivery services when thinking of a very special thank you present for me.

And I have to say: I looooooooove it. Delicious instant soups, cereals, sweets and spices all nicely wrapped to be stored away.

Also: a brand new favorite tea!!!

Restaurant Stucki: Aroma-Erlebnis mit Stil

What I miss, though, is some merchandise. Next to cook books, I mean.

Like the other food site I love so much, named "Brunette" and based in far away Canada, founded by food lovers and independent restaurant veterans.
Brunette is a first of its kind online marketplace that connects foodies with merchandise from a carefully curated group of independent restaurateurs and tastemakers from across Canada. Their one-stop-shop serves up a uniquely wide ranging selection of fine food and exclusive merchandise and delivers it right to your home.

Around the world!!

And next to food they carry fashion from their brands as well, to underline the branding and tell the story behind them. The personalities, the entrepreneurs, the creatives that brought these unique experiences to life.

I would love to have a hoody with a smart "Stucki" logo on it. Or the flower symbol of Tanjy Grandits.

If you could only see what I just ordererd! A beuatiful sweatshirt in racing green from a pizzeria called "Farinella". It will take some time to get here. So when its lying on my doorstep one day I will be quite surprised.