Checkout | 14. Jun 2021

The Summer Of Love Bracelet

Just when I was going to leave Berlin for good after almost eight years I discovered the Slowlex Bracelet, Berlin artist´s Sarah Illenberger simple accessoire to calm you down and let you stay in touch with the NOW instead of the NEXT, and the next after that and then the very next.

And in her beautiful campaign there were some familiar faces modeling, women, men, children I had met or had become friends with.

Like the artist and designer herself.

More than 16 months have passed by and I just got myself the more simple version of the bracelet: the slowlex mini. I will wear it all the time all summer. To enjoy every moment that very moment. And also as a token of what I had to leave behind in Berlin.

Because that bracelt is also about friendship and sending good vibes and reminding you of the best things in life that still come for free.

Or at least: for not that much.

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