Checkout | 15. Apr 2020

When A Watch Teaches You To Just Watch Yourself - The Slowlex Bracelet Is The Piece Of The Moment

There is a certain magic about creating something that fits into a new universal lifestyle - predicts it, before it even happened. Like, all personal experience aside one thing we all learned to practice these days (next to cooking, home schooling, zooming) is how to slow down.

And maybe that will be the skill we will use the most, once these special conditions of locking out normal lives are over.

Sarah Illenberger, one of my favourite artists/ illustrators, kind of created the piece of the moment, a bracelet that deals with the idea of a watch (Rolex, hello!!) - but is quite the opposite: A snail shell made of silver (also available gold-plated).

That should remind you to slow down to experience a very different world, compared to normal speed, dictated by the perfect watch, or even worse: controlled by a smart watch.

I already found my model - as the straps are called NATO straps, coming in different classic patterns.



And as I saw on the website ( - some of Sarah´s family and friends already made the choices as well.

All pictures taken by Axl Jansen for slowlex by Sarah Illenberger