Checkout | 16. Nov 2020

When A Sweater Is All You Need

This winter a garment that has held a top position in my wardrobe for decades comes back bigtime.

In pictures of my childhood I proudly wear sweaters, hand-knitted by my godmother. She exactly copied every model on request, as long as you provided a clear illustration. My favorite was a Shetland jumper, modeled on the heroine of my beloved “Famous Five" - Books: In navy blue, with raglan sleeves, Georgina, called George, could be seen on the cover of the book in just such a sweater.

As I grew up and began to get my inspiration from fashion magazines, I still loved to invest only in a new sweater. Its style or design defined my style, nor skirt`s lengths or trousers` cuts. When I started my professional life at the beginning of the Nineties, fortunately for me the classic dress code was loosening up. The stiff women's jacket retreated to the floors of banks and insurance companies (together with men's ties), creative industries were now scoring points with designer knitwear.

Somehow this beautiful world order got mixed up in recent years. The fashion world was falling apart, low-cost suppliers had sprung up and buying clothes mutated into everyone´s leisure fun, decoupled from actual needs. Under the pressure of double-digit growth rates, new looks were created by the minute, to be stigmatized as "outdated" as quickly as possible in order to generate new buying incentives. The respective item had to be extremely fashionable - and easily to produce for nothing at all.

At the same time, so-called influencers in social networks suggested the relevance of new clothes, as if our lives depended on them.

Somehow the pandemic managed to undermine this system. Strolling through overcrowded shops has given way to the purchase of urgent everyday products. The digital boutiques have also lost their mojo - who to impress with a new handbag as long as the offices are orphaned and every celebration is restricted to the closest family circle?

All that remains is this magical moment: You see something and know: You have to have it. Only for yourself. Because your life suddenly seems pointless without it. In my case it will be a hand knitted sweater. By German designer Juergen Claussen. Exactly the one I've always dreamed of.