Checkout | 08. Jun 2020

Tables Are The New It-Bags

Remember the days when we longed for a very special handbag model, the one and only every girl seemed to want? When the purchase of a "Céline Luggage Bag" seemed to be a life changer? Those were wonderful days.

Today is a wonderful day, too. The table we found after days of research in the internet arrived from Hampshire in England - in perfect condition. Meaning: not faultless but at authentic, not immaculate but with decent traces of its own history.

The thing is: It is not easy to furnish a 600 years old house, let alone during lockdown and cut off from all the brocantes and flee markets we used to visit. In this case, we needed a table to fit with two very beloved old French arm chairs, it had to cover the heater a little bit and should therefore not be to low - but still have the charm of a couch table.

We found one, described as "A Late 19th Century Small Painted Spanish Prep Table Lamp Side Bedside Cabinet Drawer", and as always you have to trust your guts that the picture will match with your own imagination.

That is what I would call "Mission Accomplished".

Pretty "it", that table, don't you think?