Watch | 26. Nov 2021

A Movie Made For Meghan

How can you NOT go and watch "Spencer"? You started probably casually watching "The Crown" and then got hooked. Having grown into an expert of the Royal family - as is every other Netflix subscriber.

The film tries hard to create an arthouse movie about a very trivial person and it´s aching to even watch Kristin Stewart´s approach to Lady Diana´s character: her eyes filled with childish tears almost throughout the movie, her crooked posture, her nightmares and neurotic behavior.

If that movie character resembles even slightly the real Princess of Windsor - who wouldn´t understand a coldish reaction of her inlaws. And you might wonder - how come that her deep desire to live a middleclass life did not end up by marrying a schoolteacher or a doctor?

"Spencer" makes no sense at all - only the easy way of having got it financed justifies its existance.

But it is a movie Meghan Markle will definitely recommend to all her American friends.

I think she might have already started to plan her stage appearance at the Accademy Awards - to hand the Oscar statue with warmest words to Kristin Stewart. From victim to victim.

What a sad way to remember one of the pop cultural icons of my generation. I bet even Diana Spencer wouldn´t have liked that.