Checkin | 06. Jun 2022

Heaven Can Not Wait

The largest lake in Southern Switzerland is called Maggiore for good reason- for its size, certainly, but also for it´s stunning landscapes. Also: it´s half Italian, the border runs pretty much in the middle.

The lake is also distinguished by the stunning Mediterranean gardens that surround it and the mountains that overlook it. The lucky people among us who have good friends with a house on one of those lakeside hills know a thing or two about rooms with a view....

And those who have not: can now book a night among the stars in one of two new StarsBox huts set up on Monte Gambarogno; from there you will have a sweeping vista of the eastern shores of the lake at dusk and the wide-open sky by night. Perched on the peak and with a 360-degree panorama, the huts are just 45 minutes by foot from the Alpe di Neggia mountain pass. Each has a bed, window and hinged roof to offer the best possible view of the stars once the lights go out.

Prices are available on request (+41 7962 17855;, but pretty reasonable. You should bring your own sleeping bag, though. For 2022 the boxes are closed, due to construction works but you might go for an early reservation next spring - as a romantic gift to your beloved who is also fit enough to hike up here.