Watch | 03. Apr 2022

When A Star Is Struck

Think like "Notting Hill" meets "The Graduate" - with a very charming version of Lena Dunham as the main character. And, oh, with a reversed plot, meaning: The boy here is THE STAR and the girl is the one who is STRUCK with all the funny lines on her side.

No wonder, the creator of that show is Rose Matafeo, a comedian who happens to have a thing for classic love stories, just check out her favorite inspirational rom-coms at the "New York Times". So she co-wrote one and made it a hit at BBC and HBO Max as well, playing the twenty-something girl from New Zealand coming to London herself.

After a drunken new year´s eve one night stand, she only checks the morning after that her lover is a famous movie star in Great Britain - a fact that is exciting on one hand and quite complicated on the other.

And as we are in London, there is that funny circle of friends, also: the annoying roomate and the disturbingly uptight colleague who is not so secretly in love with her. And then there is also the very American happy end - of the first season.

Now that the second season starts I just want to tell you that this is a typical girls´show. As there are some these days, you´d never find a straight man who wants to watch the show with you. Women are just so much more willing to leave their comford zones, giving "The Ozarks" and "Breaking Bad" a chance, shows which the men in our lives talk about around the clock.

But, actually, you do not need no one. "Starstruck" is the perfect show-candy you consume while waiting at an airport or before you fall asleep. Because, even your female friends might think the show is too obviously simple-romantic.

Make it your personal guilty pleasure. And do not binch! Like with every other candy you will get sick from watching too much of it at a time.