Checkup | 02. Mar 2020

Strong Eyebrows Forever - Thankx To Brooke Shields

When I grew up, girls around me plucked their eyebrows, tweezed them brutally to make them appear neat and narrow. That seemed the obvious thing to do, as soon as you started to shave your legs and armpits.

My beloved older cousin did it, our nanny did it, my cool youngish godmother, models back then did it and everyone in TV shows or the movies.

Then this fabulous, kind of scandalous movie "Pretty Baby" happened, when I just had become a teenager - and overnight strong eyebrows where allowed, even better: Girls around the world yearned for those eyebrows I had inherited by my mother, anyway (who, by the way, never in her entire life plucked her eyebrows, due to her personal beauty routine of just using red lipstick and nothing else).

And the good thing was: these eyebrows never went away, no trend, no fashion brought the tweezed-eyebrows-routine back for good.

And as for today, girls around the world even decide for themselves, if they shave their legs or armpits. Even though, that would have been kind of unbearable for my mother and her little daughter.

All pictures courtesy of Paramount Pictures