Checkout | 20. Jul 2022

Do Not Get Fooled - Nor Burnt!

Summer started quite early this year - and seems also not to end any time soon - so our well traveled influencers started to promote their sun protection on instagram in early June already. As a true believer in Swiss pharmacy I go with La Roche Posay products all year long but was curious to try something new for my mediterranean vacation in Italy and France, guessing I might need something stronger there.

That is when American product "Supergoop" caught my attention as everybody´s favorite sun shield.

Before I got into buying it online I talked to the one person I trust the most regarding all kind of beauty merchandise: Niklaus Mueller (aka the oldfluencer on instagram) used to be the beauty editor at Annabelle magazine when I was the editor - well, even before me and he still is! - and we became friends instantly.

Here is what he wrote back - and I can only recommend following his lead: As an American product "Supergoop" has the worst sun filters in the whole world, their FDA blocks out all other filters! I strongly recommend the Australian line "Ultraviolette" and, espcially, the new line "Anthelios" by La Roche Posay (ANTHELIOS FEUCHTIGKEITSSPENDENDE CREME UVMUNE 400 LSF50+ ohne Duftstoffe)- they are the best!"

So this is what I have bought! And you should do - nevermind sponsored influencers, but trust your own personal "oldfluencer"!