Watch | 19. Oct 2021

Location, Location, Location!

While following two middle-aged men through their deepest crisis you cannot help but wonder where exactly those roads are taking them

I mean, literally.

In "Supernova" lovers Sam and Tusker (played by long time friends Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci) drive through what feels like one of Britain´s most mindblowing landscapes (Yorkshire and Lake District) to see family and friends for maybe the last time before Tusker´s mind gets definitely lost to dementia. They hike together, stop at lake shores they used to meet for dates, sleep again in Sam´s small boy bed at his parents´home. And watch the stars.

Enjoy the cinematography and in spite of that more desperate inspiration you might plan your next long weekend just there - "Condé Nast Traveller Magazine" magazine has all the booking details you need.