Watch | 23. Jan 2021

Systemsprenger - "System Crasher" Is The German "Joker" - Just So Much Better

"Systemsprenger" translates roughly into "Someone, who blows up the system" - a technical term, psychological science labels children , who seem impossible to get integrated into society.

Nine year old Benni, marvelously played by Helena Zenger , a young actress of the same age, moves from children´s home to foster care to another children´s home, since her mother was no longer able to handle her, some years ago. We watch her heartbreaking search for love, her desperate fight against the rest of the world.

And you cannot help but be stirred up. Like her anti-aggresion-therapist Micha (also played impressively realistic by Albrecht Schuch) who from a certain point on gets too close to this little lost soul. Benni needs professional help, not a daddy-surrogate - as long as her real mother is not able to take her back.

So, while you sit there, watching Benni, feeling with her, trying to figure out, what you would do, what anyone could do - you realize, that the term "Systemsprenger" should be used also for people of bigger hearts, especially feisty deeds and the power to fight for their dreams.

I was reminded of Carrie Fisher´s famous quote "Take Your Broken Heart, Turn It Into Art". The daughter of Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds struggled through her lifetime - because of her mother, who was not capable to deal with her tantrums, her talent and her desire to be loved.

I also thought of "Joker", the movie about another "Systemsprenger" that did not touch me at all. Because it´s acting was so poor and the story completely pointless.

"Systemsprenger" movie has been awarded by several festivals, and will be German contester for the Oscar´s next spring. We will see, what the academy will make of this "battle dwarf", as her therapist calls her lovingly.

(Pictures and trailer courtesy of Kineo Filmproduction)