Checkout | 12. May 2020

Shop Wyllis - some sweatshirts talk smarter than others

For some reason we are heading back to an era of sweatshirts. I know that for most people we never really left the last one as sweatshirts make sense in so many situations.

But I am not talking fitness studio here nor home office, and I am not denying that a cool sweatshirt always makes a perfect gift to bring home from a trip to Sagaponack or Martha´s Vineyard.

But right now, sweatshirts are back big time in our everyday-wardrobe. Seriously, not only for weekends or during holidays, not necessarily signaling Casual-Friday-Style. More like we all used to wear them during the early Nineties of the last century - when sneakers turned up for the first time, as well.

A friend of mine, who was working at American Vogue at that time, told me, how Anna Winter stopped by her desk in the art department one day, pointing at her "Nike Airmax", and asking: "What is this? Are you on your way to the gym?"

In those days, every girl at "Vogue" wore high heels or at least classic Gucci loafers, that was kind of the law, but as my friend was a beautiful young Asian-European, she kind of got away with it. It certainly helped, that she loved to cover her endless legs with tight white jeans and combine those with tops from Japanese designers like Rei Kawakubo or Yoshi Yamamoto - if not going Helmut Lang from head to toe.

And so the world changed.

Now,after at least one decade of dressing up like crazy, pushed by influencers and famous models, we got fed up - and I really think, even without Covid 19 we would have realized that styling ourselves as if having to star on a magazine cover, does not really make sense.

It might even make us sick: to compare oneself not only with your sister or your friends - but with the whole world.

What brings me back to a brand I love, because, those sweatshirts are exactly what I want right now. "Shop Wyllis" was founded by Tallulah Willis, the youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who does not even try to hide her troubled soul.

In the eye of the hurricane of eternal fame due to her parents´ - Tallulah had to deal with drugs and eating disorders, depression and destruction. Sober now since some time, more in peace with who she is, living a more inclusive oriented life with her extended family, she brought to life a small but very charming sweatshirt collection, as a teaser to more fashion to come.

Watch her and her sisters on instagram (she goes there under her childhood nickname "Buuski"), discussing funny topics with their mother, or check out her website ( - and get yourself some good vibes of honesty and modern style.

One of my favorites is this little video that shows Tallyho dancing with her mother and father, filmed by one of her sisters as they all spend the lockdown together.

It shows a family that learnt to fail and get back on track.

I like that.