Watch | 14. Apr 2020

Why Not Walk Into Tate Modern And Have Another Look At Andy Warhol - Kind Of...?

There are so many ways to get your dose of cultural experience these days: Reading a book, watching a movie or play, listening to interesting conversations at the radio, online, via podcasts.

My favourite way to compensate walking into art exhibitions is the offering of Tate Modern in London - downloading not only tons of interesting artists portraits but also their new shows.

I know, I know, there is still a gap between those little movies and the real experience, coming face to face with an original painting or sculpture. But then again, honestly, how many of those really inspiring shows did we all miss - due to a tight schedule? Not living in the exact city? Minding our budgets??

So here's a chance to watch the latest Andy Warhol show at Tate Modern in London AND get all the comments you need, if you are not an expert. Enjoy!

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