Read | 20. Jul 2021

Dirty Harry

About the news that Harry, Duke of Sussex, sold his memoir for a swell Twenty Million Dollars there is only one interesting aspect: the author.

Because it is not the still royal highness but pulitzer price winning J.R. Moehringer, a writer I am a fan of since his own memoir "Tender Bar" that came out in 2005 and will turn into a movie directed by George Clooney later this year. The narrative might remind you of Nick Hornby´s "About A Boy", following a fatherless boy, lost in life and therefore adjusting to an uncle who spends his life not really in an child-friendly environment (sic!) - but still manages to safe him from evil.

Then Moehringer wrote Andre Agassi´s biography - a very open memoir of the Tennis star, dealing with his drugs, his depression - and the father figures in his life, the ones that supported him as well as the ones to blame.

The publisher Random House did hire that writer obviously for a good reason (worth paying him allegedly one Million Dollar ):This man knows a thing or two about a failing father figure, the lost souls within young boys, the upbringing among tough circumstances in general.

And one hears that the publishing house had a list of requests the Duke had to sign before money flows (intimate stories about his late mother, his grandparents, his brother and foremost: his father) - Moehrigner might be the one to keep him in line of talking about those dirty details, like: "I do know what you mean, it must have been soooo hard, blahblahblah..."

And with some luck Amazon will drop Clooney´s movie (starring Ben Affleck as that uncle) exactly in time when the book is published, so everybody wins.

Maybe not everybody: That sad Duke who sells his soul to the devil to pay for his expenses might be the next tragic figure in royal history after that former prince who married another American divorcée, lived in another country and sold his soul to Germany´s Nazis to pay for his expenses.