Watch | 25. Apr 2022

Cat Man

I am not a cat person. Actually, the opposite - cats give me the creeps. And that includes kittens.

When it comes to lionesses and lions, or any other wild cat for that matter, that is a different matter. You might have guessed it aready: I am a dog person.

The fascination for cats and the talent to draw them is the backbone of "The elctrical Life of Louis Wain", so I was not really excited to watch the movie during Zurich Filmfest last year - but then again, the coupling of Claire Foy and Benedict Cumberbach seemed promising...

Then there is also that small part Nick Cave is playing, a big fan of (the real) Wain´s art - painting cats that is.

And then there is that certain fairytale quality of the movie, Edward Scissorhands meets Emily Brontë, you will possibly love.

So you might give it a go this weekend when the movie finally hits movie theaters, I kind of liked the storytelling and the characters in it.

After all: I am terribly afraid of clowns as well and Bernard Buffet is still one of my favorite painters.

I just saw ‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’ at a local film festival and was pleasantly surprised when you made an appearance. What attracted you: did you know the life and work of Louis Wain or was it the fact you were playing H.G Wells that made you want to take on the part?