Checkout | 18. Jul 2021

Get A Room!

Rita Konig invented a very special style in decorating by transforming the principles of "bed hair" into interior design.

As your hair looks "I-just-got-up"-kind-of your rooms never seem decorated when you take Koenig´s advice. I found out about her some twenty years ago when she wrote a column in British Vogue called "Rita Says" - and I started to follow as many as possible of those advices; and even if she was talking about something I did not need in my real life, I just loved to read about it.

She does that kind of column now at House And Garten - still very helpful and still very enchanting.

Book yourself into one of her workshops if you want to dig deeper and checkout her website

Or: Get her advice at a quite popular new app called, there you can book her among other international interior designers (mostly American) for an online consultation to solve any problem you might be dealing with right now.

Sessions start at 300 Euros and rise up to 2500 Dollars per hour, depending on how many celebrities the very designer already made happy. Gwyneth Paltrow is an investor, so you can imagine we are dealing here with people who can afford to find out about the perfect "Farrow&Ball" colour for their bedroom in a budget of your whole appartment.

Go check out the profiles of all those designers at and get inspired just by that.