Watch | 02. May 2022

Does The Look Make The Lady?

To pick just three of more than 50 first ladies in American history makes sense. As those three - Michelle Obama, Betty Ford and Eleanor Roosevelt - stay in our memory for more than just their looks.

Nevertheless the TV show "The First Lady" takes great care of costumes, copying whenever possible and accessorising every detail. Designer Jason Wu who created both of Michelle Obama´s inaugurations gowns even redid the first one for the much smaller frame of actress Viola Davis who plays Mrs Obama (sorry to say: in a very mannererd way, like, her permanently lip pursing).

I like the story telling as those three lives at the Westwing White House are tied together in a loose way, focusing on events rather than on historical order. And on those reasons that made these ladies special, superior to their colleagues.

Would love to see a German version - with the likes of Mildred Scheel, Bettina Wulf or Daniela Schad.

Even better: Hannelore Kohl, Loki Schmid and Rut Brandt. Oh, and wait, we would have a First Gentleman here, too!