Read | 10. Feb 2020

"The Friend" Is The Book I Would Have Loved To Have Written

If you have a dog - alright. You might be hooked by the title alone. If not - give this book a chance, anyway.

It is about a woman who never wanted a dog, she calls herself a cat person. She also lives in a small rent controlled apartment in Manhattan where there are no dogs allowed. And: the dog is a great dane, meaning: - "Apollo" can only enter the bathroom straight and walk out backwards.

But then the dog´s owner, her oldest friend, kills himself. And after a long, awkward conversation with his third wife, she takes the dog. That scene alone is so brilliantly written, you fall for the book immediately.

But there is so much more: The idea of love and companionship, devotion, sharing space, literally and in an abstract way as well.

Why people have dogs and why other people have cats. And why some have neither nor. And what all this has to do with our society these days.

The author´s persona is part of the New York writer´s community - like her dead friend. There are funny anecdotes (the memorial!!!) and also philosophical thoughts that fit her profession and his.

And mine, actually. Even though I am not a writer, not that kind of writer, anyway.

But IF I was one: This is the book I would have loved to have written.