Watch | 31. Aug 2022

My Kind Of Suits

You might devide your friends between those who liked "Suits" and those who love "The Good Fight". I am team "Good Fight", simply because I prefer the ladies to be the tough cookies and the POC to be the superior social group.

"The Good Fight" stars Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart, partner in (deep breath) Lockhart, Deckler, Gussman, Lee, Lyman, Gilbert, Lurie, Kagan, Tannebaum & Associates, the top Chicago law firm. The opening is audacious. Diane sits dispassionately in front of the TV from which we can hear Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony playing. With barely a flicker, she switches it off and leaves the room.

Back at her day job, she is preparing for an idyllic retirement in Provence, when her financial dealings with old friend Henry Rindell (Paul Guilfoyle) plummet her into scandal. He is accused of major fraud and, as one of his investors, she is suddenly broke, homeless, unemployed and fighting to hold her life together. Meanwhile, her goddaughter Maia Rindell (Henry’s daughter, played by Downton Abbey´s superb Rose Leslie) has just passed the bar exam and arrives keenly at the firm for her first day as a proper lawyer.

Before you can say Bernie Madoff, her name is mud too, and both women find themselves cut adrift from a world they once owned. There is a lot of well-placed swearing as Diane’s life goes down the crapper and those around her, even those she once considered solidly dependable, flutter away like dandelion seeds on the breeze."

This is how Guardian´s Julia Reaside wrapped the plot up and you can very well take it from there.

Because: Even though it is not always easy to follow the cases and their narrative for that matter within that strange US justice system you will still enjoy dialogue and performing skills on a superbly high level. I got hooked after only the pilot and now watch it every night - an easy task as there are five seasons now already; the show started in 2017.

I only fell for it after reading an article headlined: "50 TV shows you probably aren’t watching – but should be".

So do expect more reviews about oldies but goodies to come....