Watch | 26. Oct 2022

The Good Nurse

This true-crime thriller is ultimately an indictment of American systems: hospitals had turned a blind eye to the atrocities of Charles Cullen, a nurse who later admitted to killing 29 patients ( and may have killed dozens more) as he quietly moved from job to job; and the interlocking demands of employment and health care benefits that held back Amy Loughren, a fellow nurse who eventually helped bring Cullen to justice.

“The Good Nurse,” adapted from Charles Graeber´s nonficrion book is also a movie that would not exist without another American system — namely, Hollywood. Its stars include two Academy Award winners, Eddie Redmayne as Cullen and Jessica Chastain as Loughren, and when I first watched it at Zurich Filmfest we already knew about its Netflix release just now.

I was kind of curious about the first English-language film for director Tobias Lindholm, a Danish screenwriter and filmmaker, who brought us "Borgen" as well as "Another Round", two highly acclaimed Danish productions that brought those Hollywood bigshots into the prodiuction.

The movie is wonderfiully shot, both actors do a great job (and rave tremendously about LIndholm´s skills as a "fly-at-the wall" director - and it is also a film about the here and now of the working class situation, friendship and loyalty.