Watch | 29. Nov 2021

House Of Gucci Is No Houseboat

The film "House Of Gucci" is a disaster.

Maybe its director Ridley Scott got too old to realize how to edit seriously. At least one hour filmed material is completely pointless and should have end up under the cutter´s table. Maybe the producers got two blind eyes intead of one. And maybe nobody cared, trusting the hype of the brand more than any storytelling.

My suspicion is that the actors trusted the director, the producer trusted the cast and the director trusted the true story that movie was based on. One of love and betrayal taking place in fashion wonderland.

Fact is - the movie is even worse than you might have expected.

Even the always charismatic Lady Gaga gets lost in bad scripting and all that sad settings. With a soundtrack of songs marking the change of times when actors and costumes do not really manage to do that for you.

But the most ridicolous idea was to let those Italian characters talk to each other in poor English with accents like pizza-bakers in Little Italy, New York.

Why is that???? This is not Cary Grand meeting Sophia Loren on a houseboat!

As those people are ALL Italians they would speak to each other in their mother tongue, wouldn´t they? Is that just dumb? Or is it not even a little racist - showing a stupid clan handling their business and their family affairs like morons.

Anyway. Please do not give the Oscar to Lady Gaga for this part. Let her play something worth her talent and then....