Watch | 23. Feb 2022

Increase Your Enthusiasm

There was that lovely piece in written by Cazzie David who got stuck with her dad David during lockdown two years ago. They only had moved back in together in his Pacific Palisades mansion the winter before and were not that at all familiar with each other´s qualities as adult roomates.

In a way you got a tiny bit of real Larry David - seen through his daughter´s eyes wo is also a writer.

I just re-read that feature to get into the mood for the two-sequel-documentary coming to HBO MAX next week - because the persona of Larry David is so overwhelmingly strong that the real Larry David is hard to discover underneath.

When he invented "Seinfeld" together with stand-up-buddy Jerry Seinfeld, a show "about nothing" that became the biggest tv phenomena ever within the third or fourth season they wrote a couple of episodes about how these two fictional guys, Seinfeld and George, tried to sell a show about nothing to a national tv station.

Then David created the character of Larry David for "Curb Your Enthusiasm" - dealing with actors playing his wife or his manager or his friends and also adding real friends to the show - the lines between reality and fake became even more blurry.

So maybe here´s our chance to find out more about the real Larry David.

But, wait: Wasn´t there another season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO dealing with HBO producing a documentary about her star Larry David...?