Watch | 29. Sep 2020

That Last Dance I Finally Watched

I actually planned to watch "Enola Holmes" on Netflix, as I wanted to watch "Stranger Things" heroine Milly Bobby Bown becoming a young adult - but the movie is too slick and too predictable, so I stopped after twenty minutes. And then, what?

I went for the documentary all my male friends had raved about during the last months.

But I had not watch "The Last Dance", because I don´t care about Basektball AT ALL.

So, almost half a year and one International Emmy win later, here is what I think: You HAVE to watch it!

It is as exciting as it is touching, perfectly produced and initmately hosted - to listen to Barak Obama raving about Michael Jordan or Bill Clinton about Scottie Pippen is as heart warming as it is surreal - was there ever an America served by these kind of educated and reasonable presidents?

You might actually learn something about the rules and the system of the franchise, the game, the players - I could not let go until finishing four of the ten episodes.

Maybe it is because basektball is fascinating after all. And maybe it is because I just want to stay in that past of fine people competing in a mostly fair way, considering mistakes and showing true feelings.

Just what I always thought those Americans are very good at.