Checkup | 19. Oct 2019

The Nap - An Eulogy

There was a time, when I did not understand the idea of sleeping during daytime.

My father did it on a regular basis, after lunch, forty minutes straight, every day. My grandfather did it. Also after lunch, fifty minutes, never more.

Neither my mother nor my grandmother were obviously tired during daytime, even though, their mornings seemed kind of pretty busy, too. So I figured: Women do not need this, it is a male thing.

Then I grew up and met girls, who loved to sleep in the afternoon as well, so, when going out at night became an issue, I tried to catch up with missing sleep during the afternoon as well, but never succeeded. If I was tired enough to fall asleep, I slept too long and felt kind of jet lagged when I woke up, unable for hours to get awake again. So I stopped. And never really slept enough.

Then, only this summer, I fell asleep on a boat. We were circling around the island of Ischia, stopped for a quick lunch at beautiful "Ristorante La Scarrupata", then got back on board.

I felt a little dizzy, the sea was rough that day, but also happily tired after my pasta. And fell asleep. Just twenty minutes. Woke up, when we started to hit back to our little porto in SantĀ“Angelo. And felt wonderful. Not a bit dizzy. Completely freshened up.

And just like that, I started my own little nap routine. From this summer day on I nap, whenever I have the time. Never longer than 30 minutes. In my bed. On a sofa. The other day even in a lounge chair at an airport. And I will never go back to not missing this break, this feeling of a brand new start into a new chapter of the book, that is called: Another exciting day in my life.