Watch | 22. Jun 2022

Firth Family

First there was a crime. Then there was a documentary about that crime. And now there is a TV show about doing that documentary about that crime.

What is it about that family drama happening more than a decade ago in South Carolina?

Husband kills wife. Or maybe he did not. And as in every courtroom drama open to public we learn more details about that very marriage as we would ever want to know. Because: Justice in America happens when you convince a jury. Meaning: You have to tell the better story. And that would be the truth then.

So far so frightening.

Having Colin Firth now to play that husband next to Toni Colette as his wife turns this "HBO max" show into a TV event - and for very good reason; them acting out on their level helps us to stay in a distance. It is not about right or wrong, did he or did he not do it. It is about a dead woman, mother of five within a blended family. And all that lives affected if not destroyed after that tragic accident or murder or whatever.

Watch the wonderful and still very cute Juliette Binoche as the French film editor who falls in love with the suspect - it is a treat in itself.

Meet a bunch of young actresses and actors to play the children of the family.

And please look forward to meet again a familiar face from your favorite indie movie - Parker Posey acting her heart out as an alcohol addicted Southern brat.

Having watched now the whole show I have to mention the technically superb filming as well. The story telling would have worked with two episodes less as well, I guess. You might get bored in the middle of the "Owl-episode".

And what is it with all those different time zones?? That back and force switching together with the using of drones marks modern TV narrative, I guess. I personally sometimes get confused here about who is who´s mom and when did who get sober or, wait, wasted again?

Other than that watch this familiy fall apart if you like. In a way the fictional version works as a "behind the scenes" of the original documentary. And who wouldn´t love that?